Use your time, talent, and treasure to change lives in Jackson’s under-resourced communities.


When you use your time, talents, and treasure to serve one of Jackson’s ministries, you are joining with others to give Jackson’s leaders the support they need to meet more needs and change more lives.
Every little bit matters. Please read below for a guide as to how you can use your Time, Talent, and Treasure to serve. Visit one of our partner pages to learn more about our partners. Sign up to volunteer with a partner. You can also visit our Contact Us page if you have any thoughts or questions.”


How You Can Serve Our Partners


What time do you have on your hands to serve a ministry in Jackson’s under-resourced communities? Maybe you cannot serve every week but can you serve once a quarter or twice a year? What would happen if you served one ministry once a quarter per year for four years straight? Imagine the encouragement, manpower, and relationships you would develop by committing to regularly serving one ministry in Jackson!

How You Can Serve Our Partners


One ministry leader recently said, “What is easy for you is a miracle for me.” Your skillset may be what a ministry desperately needs. What talents do you have and how can you use them to serve a ministry in Jackson by offering your services pro bono? Imagine, there may be a ministry leader praying now for someone with your skillset to help meet a need.

How You Can Serve Our Partners


In the Bible, God instructed His people to give to the church and to give to the poor. The Bible also reminds us that we are to be good stewards of His resources that He is only lending to us for stewardship. Imagine, what if every family gave to a ministry in Jackson! Imagine how much change would immediately take place if our ministries were well funded by faithful donations from people like you! It takes all of us and your financial commitment to a ministry in Jackson’s low-income community will join with others to provide Jackson’s ministry leaders with the financial resourcing they need to change lives!

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