Jackson Leadership Foundation’s Leader Lab program offers essential leadership support and capacity-building services tailored for ministry leaders in the Jackson metro area.

With a focus on equipping leaders with the skills necessary for success, our program currently hosts 9 participants divided into 3 cohorts. Cohort 1 prioritizes Fundraising, recognizing the critical role effective fundraising plays in sustaining and expanding the impact of ministry efforts. Cohort 2 concentrates on Board Governance, emphasizing the significance of strong governance structures in guiding organizations towards their mission and vision. Cohort 3 tackles Communication and Time Management, acknowledging the pivotal role these skills play in ensuring efficient operations and impactful outreach within the demanding context of ministry leadership.


JLF Ministry Champions

JLF’s Ministry Champions are one-on-one leadership assistants who provide specialized coaching and encouragement to ministry leaders.

JLF's Ministry Health Survey

JLF offers a Ministry Health Survey that gives a detailed overview of the ministry’s key health areas and a suggested next steps report. By doing this, the ministry leader receives a clear blueprint for ministry growth.

Partner Gatherings

Partner Gatherings are regular meeting times focused on fellowship, encouragement, and training. These are intimate gatherings facilitated by JLF where ministry leaders can meet together, discuss leadership, pray together, and talk through ministry growth.

As Needed Consulting & Training

JLF connects ministry partners to professionals who can assist with a particular ministry growth need (e.g., accounting or legal). JLF also connects leaders to opportunities for in-depth training on a particular leadership topic as needed.


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Physical: 236 E. Capitol St. - Jackson, MS 39201

Mailing: P.O. BOX 4671 - JACKSON, MS 39296