Let us help you Accelerate your ministry!

JLF offers the opportunity for ministry leaders to start or house a ministry under its 501c3 as a ministry initiative of JLF.

This gives the ministry leader a greater capacity to grow the ministry’s programs and serve more people.


Ministry Incubation

Have an idea for a new ministry? JLF’s incubation programs offers the opportunity for ministry leaders to incubate new ministries under JLF’s 501c3 umbrella.

Ministry Covering

Ministry leaders can operate their ministries under JLF’s 501c3 as an initiative of JLF. This service is for ministry leaders who have been operating an unincorporated ministry for some time and are looking to move into a 501c3 status. It is also for a ministry leader who may already be operating a 501c3 but would prefer to come under JLF, so he or she can have more freedom to run the ministry’s programs and leave the executive and back office functions to us.


Back Office and Staff Support

As an initiative of JLF, ministry leaders are given full back office and staff support. JLF provides accounting, leadership development, governance duties, and more for our ministry initiative leaders under our 501c3 umbrella.

“Jackson Leadership Foundation has helped my wife and I take our ministry, Bridging the Gap Outreach Ministries, from a vision to a reality.”

– Cameron Tate, Executive Director, Bridging the Gap Outreach Ministries

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